New Guests

Let me walk you through your first visit

Walking into a new salon is overwhelming. Let me help ease a little bit of that feeling. As you step into the salon, you will be greeted warmly. Each moment after is designed to help you breathe deep and relax.

For a time, it is all about you.


Schedule your Appointment

Your first step is determining what appointment you need need to book. Look below and decide which option fits your needs best. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

New Client Block 1

If you want to maintain your current hair color, add darker dimension, or cover gray please schedule here. This block includes haircut and style. (2.5 hours)

New Client Block 2

If you want to add a lighter dimension, change the tone, or change the color placement please schedule here. This includes haircut and style. (3 hours)

New Client Block 3

If you want a complete hair transformation, are going a lot lighter, or have long/thick hair please schedule here. This includes haircut and style. (4 hours)

New Client Block 4

If you are simply looking for a haircut and style, please schedule here. This includes a consultation to determine your hair goals  (1.5 hours)


Mark Your Calendar

Make sure you add your appointment to your calendar. I am looking forward to the opportunity help you relax, rejuvenate, and get back to feeling like yourself. 


Arrive at your Appointment

When you arrive and sit in my chair it is my goal to listen to your concerns and ideas for your hair and how it matches your lifestyle. I want to make sure you are heard. 

You will enjoy my scalp massage as I wash and condition your hair. I enjoy chatting with you or just letting you soak in the silence. I will take my cues from you. 

Once you are sporting your new or refreshed style, we can do an instagram photo shoot if you like. 

You will leave invigorated and refreshed. 

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